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​Pre-finish v. unfinished, what's best for me?
Over the years, mills have greatly improved pre-finished flooring product. Pre-finish comes from the mill already stained and coated. There are a variety of stains and finishes and is ready for installation.

On the other hand, unfinished hardwood flooring is essentially raw wood that is sanded, then stained and finished on site. Unfinished offers much more variety as it is available in more widths and wood species than pre-finished flooring and can be matched to existing wood floors, ultimately allowing for a more custom job.

Some custom upgrades FPF can provide for you should you wish include flush mount vents, room borders, decorative medallions and inlays, parquet flooring, herringbone flooring and more. Just ask!

90% Dust Free
Since we first began in 1999, we have been offering dust free work. As one of the first companies in the Kansas City area to offer this, we pride ourselves in keeping up as our industry progresses. She companies may call themselves "dustless" because they use harsh chemicals to strip your floor. But by using this technique, the are only stripping off the color and are unable to get out any scratches or stains on the floor. Our vacuums ensure that we collect virtually all debris our machines may leave behind.

FACT: Did you know that not only are wood floors beautiful, but they reduce pollutants and allergens in your home held in carpeting and carpet pads!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does wood flooring increase the value of my property?
A: Tha National Hardwood Flooring Association conducted a study and found that 99% of real estate agents across the United States affirmed that homes with hardwood flooring are easier to sell. Furthermore 90% agree that the homes sell for more money, on average 10% more.

Q: What do you recommend to clean hardwood floors?
A: FPF Flooring recommends BONA products which you can find at most stores like Home Depot or Target. We do not recommend wood floor cleaners like Pledge or oil soap as they leave a film on your floor over time and will lead to refinishing in just a few years.

Q: When should I have my floors done?
A: If you are renovating, the floors are usually refinished closer to the end fo the job to ensure that paint or scratches do not ruin the floor or finish. However if installation is part of your job, the install and finishing may be done at different times.